Support Wish List

Shared Consciousness - Shared Participation

This weekend is not for profit event and requires a Collective we effort. When you attend you are invited to help us make the weekend a success. 


Medical & Safety Team
Compile a list of all participants with current first aid, CPR, nursing or medical qualifications


Items & Equipment

Items Required

  • Large Marquee
  • Smaller tents that create work spaces
  • Couches – a couple of old ones that can be used to create a chill out room – need to bring and remove
  • Power cables 30m+
  • Large bell, triangle or singing bowl for attention grabbing and marking time
  • Yoga mats – BYO and any spares you have
  • Coffee plungers
  • BYO camping chairs
  • White boards and an easel or two
  • Paints, crayons, brushes – got a box of stuff doing nothing? Donate or loan for the weekend
  • Butchers paper (vegan) or big surfaces that can be decorated – card, etc


If you have something that you can bring or contribute please use this form.