Values -
Participant Agreement


Created with recognition and gratitude to the peoples of the Whadjuk and Binjareb language groups of the Noongar nation. We acknowledge them and their ancestors as the first custodians of the now named Perth coastal and Dwellingup lands.


Safety is EVERYBODY’S Job
We will have Covid-19 and other safety plans in operation throughout. There is a FIRST-AID Station and SAFETY team can be identified by Bandannas. Your participation assumes an agreement to abide by On-site Safety Protocols. If any participant feels unsafe (physically or in any way) they need only clearly speak the word ‘SAFETY’. Everyone who hears the word ‘safety’ called will immediately cease activity.

There are no pre-requisites or preferences for participation here – every person is a valued Participant whose presence uniquely enriches us all.

Mutual Support
At the core of transformative change lies a truth around our interdependence. Be ready, willing and able to offer and receive support from others. While some activities may be conducted by ‘therapy practitioners’, no activities here are offered as ‘therapy’.

Every individual is entitled to discover, exercise and rely on their own inner voice. That expression is welcomed free from the judgements of others.

Every person has the right to make decisions about their own body, property, personal space, thoughts and feelings. Engagement in any activity or interaction is entirely voluntary. Speaking over others will be discouraged.

Outside of lawful compliance obligations each Participant undertakes to honour and protect all other Participant’s right to confidentiality. This extends to gaining consent for any photography or videography you undertake.


These ‘Principles’ have been articulated and, where a consensus has already emerged that uncertainty and ambiguity should be minimised we provide these ‘Protocols’ to form an integral part of the ‘Participant Agreement’.

COVID-19 Safe Requirements – No Person is permitted on site if they:

  • Have recently returned from overseas or interstate or known to have been in contact with a COVID-19+ individual (unless they have completed a minimum of 14 days quarantine).
  • Have active symptoms which may be related to COVID-19.
  • Have not first fully completed the ‘COVID-19 Contact Tracing’ form.
  • Do not agree to
    • Alert the safety team immediately of ANY Covid-19 like symptoms arising during the
    • Maintain standard WA Covid-19 protocols of 2 2 m social distancing and hygiene.

Alcohol / Illegal Drugs
This is an alcohol free event. Possession and or consumption of illegal substances is not welcome.

Children Safe
No unaccompanied child is permitted on site. Where activities are organised for children they will conducted under the supervision of persons holding a valid ‘Working with Children Clearance’.

Onsite Vehicles Safe
No vehicle (excepting Ambulance, Police, Fire) is to exceed more than 5kph onsite. All vehicles must only travel on designated trackways. Vehicles are to be parked in designated areas, secured and locked when left unattended.

Smoking / Vaping
Persons wishing to smoke or vape are to do so only in the designated area.

Fires will be provided in safe fire pits and at the discretion of the site owners. No other fires may be lit.

Restricted Areas – Notice and Comply
Signs are posted where necessary – toilets, showers, dormitories, smoke/vape, food preparation, children free, chill out, etc – indicating access and behaviour requirements. It is the responsibility of each Participant to seek any clarification they require from one of the staff.


The HumanKind Collective is an open, not for profit group. We value the input of all stakeholders.

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