Support Wish List

Information for Participants

Gates open 16:00 (4pm) Friday 16th October

Jarrahfall Bush Camp, Vandals Rd, Dwellingup WA 6213

The turnoff to the event is just east of Dwellingup. Turn right near the cemetery and follow the signs.

For Everyone

At the gate everyone will be invited to agree to the values of the weekend (on website), sign on to the Covid safety plan and given a mud map of the site. You’ll be directed to your campsite or bunk.

We have kept the costs as low as possible to make the event accessible to all. Part of that is an expectation that those who can will support the process by gifting time (join a team – before and during the weekend) and bringing materials they have access to – as gifts, loans or maybe a lead to a cheap source. Check out our WISHLIST online.

Meals are provided for all overnighters, not for day-trippers. If you are day tripping meals may well be available and we just ask that you contribute to costs at the time. Those meals will be exquisite vegan and vegetarian food. Meat eaters might like to take opportunity to see how they go with a weekend of mainly plant based eating. You are also welcome to bring your own meat and cook it using your gas stove, or one of the shared bbqs on site. Refrigeration will be available.

Parents of young children please note: there is a dam on site which is NOT FULLY FENCED.

COVID Safety

Participants who develop Covid symptoms before the weekend should not attend. These include 1) temperature  2) coughing, shortness of breath, sore throat, runny nose or 3) loss of smell or taste. Symptoms will be screened for at entrance and a register made for contact tracing. 

During the weekend, physical distancing and hygiene practices will be practiced. We will be providing disposable (biodegradable) plates, utensils and cups. You are also welcome to bring your own and wash and dry them yourself.


Checklist - Things to Bring

  • Layered warm and cool clothing, plus rain protection. Dwellingup can be cold at night
  • Hat and sun protection (you never know what the weather will be like)Water bottle for yourself
  • Torch
  • YOUR OWN LINEN (e.g. Bed Sheets, Pillow Slip, Sleeping Bags, Doona or Blankets (and Pillow if you like your own).
  • Towel and usual toiletries
  • Drums and musical instruments for the celebration!
  • Yoga mat (bring spares if you have them) and a cushion.
  • Your favourite camping chair
  • Own coffee mug if preferred to disposable

For Campers

Tents or caravans/campers are welcome. No dogs allowed on site sorry. There are toilets and showers in numerous locations. One will be set aside especially for young families. Gas cooking is allowed. 

Don’t forget there is a very sweet menu already on offer so you’ll only need to cook if you really want to. No open fires except in designated areas. These will be easy to find because they’ll be on fire!


For Bunkers

If you have booked bunks please be aware that the venue is probably best described as ‘very basic’. Think school camps and bunk beds (double and single) with vinyl mattresses. You will need to bring your own linen – see above.

We will be endeavoring to keep like with like – families, men, women, etc. Covid distancing will be maximized depending on demand for bunks (most people are camping so that should be easy to do). Families can huddle up as much as they like, just not with other families.


For Those NOT Coming

The weekend is shaping up to be a wonderful experiment – forming a new community of folx with shared values that have not had the opportunity to co-create a focused event before now. What a great way to gently introduce friends and family to ‘what we do’. 

You can easily make an invitation to someone you think might appreciate it by sending them the website link or going to our Facebook page at and sharing the event or one of the memes we’ve posted there. Like them and comment while you’re there (we know how the algorithm works, right?) and share onto your own timeline (and tag friends).

We cant wait .. see you there